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WHATS UP LOVELY TUMBLERS! Well my name is Blessing ( and yes that is my name :) ) anyways I live in Cali :) Im attending MEHS Junior Brought into this cray cray world in 08*19*97 Leo and 90s baby :) enough about me follow me on isntagram & twitter @RandomBlessingz FOLLOW ME Dont be shy ! :)


Vlisco “Bloom” Collection Spring 2014

This season, we share our admiration for the silent power and splendour of flowers and the vibrant women who wear them with such grace. Even the pattern, which is normally indigo, is now applied in bordeaux, adding more warmth and depth to the fabrics. 


HE x SHE does  Pastels


Maaaan dawg….it’s been a minute since my last post. Many apologies, I’ve been having technical difficulties pretty much all year. BOOOO. My hard drive just broke with ALLLL my pics and music on it :,( And now my computer has started to give up on me as well. Still gotta keep it pushin tho. You things to make room for new things <3

On to the LOOK: Bruce Lee is poppin!!

Get my Bruce Lee Outfit from O-Mighty.com

Tank Top - http://o-mighty.com/products/150/all/3586

Booty Shorts - http://o-mighty.com/products/150/all/3585

My shoes are vintage 90’s Luichiny Platforms that I so luckily found on an etsy shop.

Flower crown from Forever 21

And the Bag is by J-Co Los Angeles

My new doggy Butters made an appearance….he’s such a little weirdo. I inherited him after my Granmother passed a couple of weeks ago. He’s my new baby!!

I may post up a few more pics from this day….I like yellow


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